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Richard Adams

Information About and the Work of Richard Adams

British Novelist.
Born in Berkshire, England.
Educated at Oxford University.

Watership Down ( 1972)
His first novel and possibly his most famous.
A fantasy about a community of rabbits which has been read by children and adults world-wide, most of us can bring to mind a couple of touching scenes from the film.

His other works include
Shardik (1974)
Plague Dogs (1977)
The Girl in a Swing (1980) supernatural thriller.
Maia (1984) an epic fantasy of love and war.

Traveller (1988)
Is a very unusual account of the American Civil War, in that the story is seen through the eyes of Traveller, who happens to be General E. Lee's horse, who tells his story to a cat in his stables called Tom.

What we can say about Adam's and his work is that he understands and relates well to animals, as such his novels will go on to be read by adults and children for many years to come.

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