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Antiquarian Books for Sale

We shall be offering a varied selection of Antiquarian books

All of our books are unconditionally guaranteed to be as described

This section of the site is a work in progress
Please do check back as we shall be continually adding new stock

Fine Bindings
Pictorial Boards
Sir Edward Jones - A Dream of John Ball
William Morris - Ornamental Woodcuts
Milton - Paradise Lost
J Wallis - Juvenille Diorama
John Goodman - American Natural History
Ars Moriendi c 1475
Biblia Latina
Giovanni Boccaccio
Marcus Tullius Cicero
Saint Thomas Aquinas
Geoffrey Chaucer - Canterbury Tales
Hartmann Schedel
Johannes Noder - Fourth Edition
Camillo Agrippa
Hadrianus Junius


Shane Chapman

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