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Margaret Atwood


Information About the Life and Work of Margaret Eleanor Atwood

Author, writer, novelist, poet, short story writer, critic.
Born in Ottawa, Canada, 1939.
Education, she studied at the University of Toronto
and also at Harvard.

She first attracted attention to her work as a poet, with volumes such as
The Circle Game (1966),
The Animals in That Country (1968),
The Journals of Susanna Moodie (1970).

She as also written a number of diverse novels from a number of genres and traditions.

She has often been described as a feminist writer, as issues of gender sometimes appear prominently in her work.

Her work has focused on Canadian national identity, Canada’s relations with the United States and Europe, human rights issues, environmental issues, the Canadian wilderness, the social myths of femininity, representations of women’s bodies in art, women’s social and economic exploitation, as well as women’s relations with each other and with men.

Her many works include
Surfacing (1972), Life Before Man (1979), Lady Oracle (1976),
The Handmaid's Tale (1986), Cat's Eye (1989), The Edible Woman (1969),
Bodily Harm (1981), Procedures for Underground (1970), Power Politics (1971),
Two-Headed Poems (1978), True Stories (1981), Interlunar (1984),
Selected Poems 1966-1984 (1990).
Short-story collections
Dancing Girls (1977), Bluebeard's Egg (1983), etc.

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