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Louisa May Alcott


Information About the Life and Work of Louisa May Alcott

American Novelist and Writer 1832 - 1888.
Born in the USA, Germantown, Pennsylvania,
but spent most of her childhood in Boston and Concord, Massachusetts.

Her father Bronson Alcott was to see his daughter complete her first book
Flower Fables at the age of sixteen, a work which sadly was not published until 1855.

During the Civil War Louisa went to work as a nurse in a Union Hospital (1861 - 1863).
A life experience she documented well in a work titled Hospital Sketches (1863).

From 1867 she edited Merry's Museum,
which at the time was a well known children's magazine.

Louisa was to produce nearly three hundred works in a variety of genres in her lifetime.

But she will always be remembered for her novels of everyday domestic life of which the most famous is
Little Women,or Meg, Jo, Beth and Amy,
a work which was originally published in two parts
the first part Little Women was published in 1868,
the second part Good Wives was published in 1871,
these two volumes were later combined and published in one volume as
Little Women and Good Wives.

Louisa had taken extracts from everyday family life, incorporated some of her own life experiences, and was to go on after the success of Little Women
to write other tales of domestic life, such as
Little Men, Life at Plumfield with Jo's Boys (1871),
Jo's Boys and How they Turned Out (1886),
Eight Cousins, or The Aunt Hill (1875),
Rose in Bloom (1876).
Plus numerous other works under her various pseudonyms.

Louisa died on the 6th March 1888, sadly on the same day as her Father's funeral.

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