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Sir - Kingsley Amis


Information About the Life and Work of Kingsley Amis

British Author, Novelist, Poet, 1922 - 1995.
Born in the UK in Clapham, London 1922.
Educated in London at the City of London School and St. John's College, Oxford.
Knighted in 1990.

He became a lecturer in English and during his career lectured at universities in Swansea and Cambridge.

During the 1940s and 1950s he was associated with writers and poets in a movement known as The Angry Young Men.

He had various works of poetry published but it was his first novel
Lucky Jim, published in 1954
that was to get him noticed as a writer,
with this novel he finally achieved a wider popular recognition.

He had a natural talent for comic and mildly satiric writing, which clearly stands out in many of his novels.

His many works include
Lucky Jim (1954), That Uncertain Feeling (1955), I Like it Here (1958),
Take a Girl Like You (1960), One Fat Englishman (1963), Ending Up (1974),
Jake's Thing (1978), The Anti-Death League (1966), The Green Man (1969),
The Alteration (1976), Stanley and the Women (1984),
The Old Devils, Booker prize 1986), The Folks That Live on the Hill (1990),
The Russian Girl (1992), etc ...

Colonel Sun (1968) a James bond thriller published under the Pseudonym of
Robert Markham.

Amis admired the work of Ian Fleming, whose work he went on to praise highly in the
James Bond Dossier (1965).

The Riverside Villas Murder, published in 1973,
is an interesting work in that this pastiche of detective fiction is set in the author's own 1930s childhood.

His non-fiction works cover a wide variety of subjects including wine, science fiction, a study of Rudyard Kipling, a biography published in 1986, he also edited numerous poetry anthologies.

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