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We are Urgently Seeking to Buy Books in
Addlethorpe and the County of Lincolnshire.

As Leading Specialist Book Dealers, we are able to Pay the
Very Highest Prices, For Quality Single Items and Collections.

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All Ephemera and Ephemeral Items Including
Photographs & Photograph Albums.

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Addlethorpe is a small coastal village in Lincolnshire.
Which can be found just off the A52 near Ingoldmells.
The local Church is St. Nicholas.
Local attractions and activities, include a camp site, bowling and angling.

Addlethorpe Golf & Country Club, set in 140 acres of stunning landscaped grounds offers a Par 71, 18 hole course.

Barnaby Rudge - Charles Dickens:

Barnaby Rudge: A novel by Charles Dickens, was first published serially in
Master Humphrey's Clock, February-November 1841.

This novel is set in the time of the 'No Popery' riots of 1780 bought about by Lord George Gordon.
The story of Barnaby Rudge comes from the unsolved murder of Reuben Haredale, a crime which was committed twenty years before the start of this novel.

Reuben's brother Geoffrey, is a typically upright Roman Catholic gentleman who is seen to be most hostile towards the, unprincipled Mr Chester whose son Edward, is in love with Geoffrey's niece, Emma.

Halfway through this novel the Gordon riots break out and Geoffrey Haredale's house, known as The Warren, is destroyed by an angry anti-catholic mob.
Emma and her trusted friend, Dolly Varden, who is the daughter of the locksmith Gabriel Varden, are kidnapped. Both of which are rescued by Edward Chester and Joe Willet, who is Dolly's one-armed soldier suitor.

When the riots are finally calmed it is revealed that Mr Rudge, Reuben Haredale's former steward and shady figure throughout the novel, had murdered his master.
He is hanged for this crime and his son Barnaby, a poor half-crazed youth who was drawn into the anti-papist camp, escapes the gallows,
Sir John Chester dies in a duel with Haredale.

The characters in this work include the
snivelling Miss Miggs (servant to the Vardens),
Simon Tappertit (captain of the "Prentice Knights"),
John Willet (Joe's father and publican),
Mrs Varden (the locksmith's wife),
Gashford ( secretary to Lord George Gordon),
Dennis (the hangman),
Hugh (the apprentice) and John Grueby (servant to Lord George)

First Edition - Book - Issue Points:

With Illustrations/ By/ George Cattermole and Hablot Browne.
Vol. I./ (Vol. II./ Vol.III./ ) London :/ Chapman and Hall, 186, Strand./ MDCCCXL.
Vols. II and III. are dated MDCCCXLI.
Collation. Vol. I., pp iv-306. Vol. II., pp. vi-306. Vol. III., pp. vi 426.

Notes. Issued in eighty-eight weekly numbers, with white, and in twenty monthly numbers, with green illustrated wrappers. A copy of each wrapper should be preserved. In numbers 9, 80, 81, 82, 83 and 87 will be found addresses by the author.

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